DR BREN is a Jungian-educated Life Coach / Therapist and Couples Counselor who works in Hollywood and  San Diego, CA and online via SKYPE.

Are you suffering in your relationship? in your career? Are you wondering what the purpose of life is and your role in it? Perhaps DR BREN’S programs can help you. She helps individuals and couples answer these questions and more by blending the work of Carl Jung and Mahayana Buddhism into a unique approach to healing one’s psyche and one’s relationships. She uses four main tools: MBTI (psychological types), Enneagram, Astrology and Dreams to help you discover who you are and how to navigate your life in this world.

Jungian psychology is the mystical branch. It adds to the traditional schools of psychology the spiritual dimension. In Jungian life coaching / therapy you learn about your consciousness and your unconsciousness, your persona and your shadow, your ego and your inner soul figures. It’s goal is individuation and enlightenment.

DR BREN helps you get to know your personality and how it functions, so that you can transcend it making contact with your higher self, also known as your soul. At this level of self-knowledge you have access to your highest creative potential in life.

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