Self-Mastery Coaching Program

Self Mastery Coaching Program Description

DR BREN'S Self-Mastery Life Coaching Programs go through four stages:  integral intake interview, various assessments, coaching plan development, and on-going coaching towards self-mastery.


Integral Intake Interview

In the first session I will complete an in-depth interview covering all aspects of your life. I use the Integral Intake based on Ken Wilber's AQAL (All quadrants All levels and lines) model of psychological development.

This interview will gather the needed information to understand what quadrant (Mind, Relationship, Body, World) you mainly see the world through and which quadrants you need to develop. It will identify the level of development of six lines: cognitive, emotional, relational, values, spiritual and worldview. And it will identify the states of development you mainly occupy.

Understanding your unique structures of the mind will help us know what to work on as you move towards self-mastery.

Various Assessments

I use several assessment tools to get a complete view of your life and your relationships.

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) (Psychological Types)
  • Enneagram
  • Natal Astrology
  • Gene Keys

Psychological Types (MBTI)

I use the personality profile test at to test your psychological type and multiple intelligences. This helps me to understand how you perceive and judge the world.


I use the enneagram test at The Enneagram Institute to get information on your possible ennea-type. This gives me information about how your personality developed away from your soul seed and how to help you find your way back to your true self.

Natal Astrology

Using your birth information I cast your natal astrological chart. This helps me understand what life lessons you have to learn in this life.

Gene Keys

Also using your birth information I get your Hologentic Profile from This helps me understand your life's work, love profile and vocational journeys from an ego/shadow perspective to your higher self aspiration.

Coaching Plan Development

I will develop a comprehensive coaching plan based on the above integral intake interview and various assessments.

On-Going Coaching

Each 55 minute on-going coaching session will go through the following stages:

  • Check-in on your goals from last week and review of your insights and learning for the week
  • A new lesson picked from your unique coaching plan
  • Goal setting for the next week.

Self-Mastery Coaching Program Costs

Initial Coaching Program includes the following:

  1. Intake Interview and Assessment Evaluation (3 hours)
  2. Developing the Coaching Plan (1 hour)
  3. 12 on-going Coaching Sessions (12 hours)

Total Initial Cost = $2,400 (average $150/hour)

Ask about the discount for paying 4 months in advance. 

DR BREN takes Cash, Check, Credit Cards and Paypal. This coaching is not covered by medical insurance.

If this interests you, please give me a Call or Text 619.405.9118 If you text me at this number, please also include your name.