2014 Vision Board

pene umano Vision-Board

taglie di seno Some of you know I do a vision board every year with my annual goals depicted in images.

brust op danach Here is what I do?

  • I get in a meditative state using music.
  • I reflect on the areas of my life: mind, body, soul, spirit, home, friends, family, lover, community, career, finances, adventures, etc.
  • I choose images either using magazines or the internet (google images) that best depict my goals in each of these areas.
  • I arrange them on a poster board.
  • I post my vision board in my kitchen.
  • I work towards achieving every goal.
  • The key to a great vision board is to feel your way into it. Don’t think your way there. Use your heart and soul. And most of all have fun!

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