Visions and Goals for 2015

donna cerca donna Foggia feng-shui-color-chart

Last year I gave you the basic steps in creating a vision board. See this link for that blog post.

Here is a new idea for creating your Vision Board this year.

Use the layout of the Feng Shui bagua to position your images on your poster board. This not only gives you the areas of your life to focus on, but it gives you the proper energetic positioning too.

Again the most important thing is to coppia cerca donna Palermo use your heart and feel your way into 2015’s goals and have fun with it.

coppia cerca uomo Parma UPDATE

I just completed my vision board for 2015 in this baqua format. The energy vortex flowing from it is palpable and extraordinary. It feels like the universe and my board are conspiring to manifest these visions.

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