A PATH WITH HEART – Chapter 1-8, 11

donna cerca uomo Moncalieri apathwithheart

uomo cerca donna Bolzano About three years ago I decided to create these audio / visual talks to accompany Jack Kornfield’s book A Path with Heart. Since the blog shows things in date order, I decided to put all those talks in one blog post in the order of the chapters.

  1. Chapter One – Did I Love Well?
  2. Chapter Two – Stopping the War
  3. Chapter Three – Take the One Seat
  4. Chapter Four – Necessary Healing
  5. Chapter FIve – Training the Puppy Mind
  6. Chapter Six – Turning Straw into Gold
  7. Chapter Seven – Naming the Demons
  8. Chapter Eight – Difficult Problems and Insistent Visitors
  9. Chapter Eleven – Searching for the Buddha