Polarity Processing

Uroborus = Psychological Wholeness

My favorite book on processing our “stories,” especially the ones that keep us stuck in negativities, is “The Marriage of Spirit: Enlightened Living in Today’s World” by Leslie Temple-Thurston.

In donna cerca uomo Pavia the first part of the book she teaches us the cosmic laws of living in a dualistic world. In coppia cerca uomo Torino the second part she walks you through three very powerful processing techniques meant to help dislodge the grip our shadows have on us. The first processing technique — donna cerca uomo Viterbo polarity processing — I will outline here.

There are 7 steps to the Polarity Processing Technique.

  1. Pick an experience.
  2. Write a description of the experience.
  3. Pick out the theme words and phrases.
  4. Make a list of the theme words and phrases.
  5. Find the opposites.
  6. Offer it up with a prayer.
  7. Wait for grace.

Start by writing out in detail a story that has gripped you. Write out all the details, the feelings and thoughts related to this story. Just let it flow until you have extinguished your view from every angle on this story.

Next go through with a highlighter and highlight all the theme words and phrases that trigger you.

On a separate sheet of paper draw a line down the center. On the left side write out all the theme words. This may take several sheets of paper.

Next on the left side of each word write down the opposite word or phrase.  For instance, if you wrote donna cerca uomo Vittoria hate on the left side, write down uomo cerca trans Perugia love on the right side of the paper. If the opposites don’t immediately come to you, use a thesaurus.

The opposite words are the ones you are repressing out of your whole experience of life. They are in your shadow. This process is about transcending duality and embracing both sides as your true and whole experience.

Now offer a prayer of gratitude to god, spirit, angels or whatever you refer to as your higher self. And humbly wait for grace to help heal these imbalances within you.

Matter of Heart, A documentary on CG Jung


I recently watched a documentary about Carl Jung on youtube called Matter of Heart (1986). It is a good primer on Jung’s Analytical Psychology.

I urge you to click the link to this video and take the time to watch this 1 hour and 45 minute video on what I believe to be the most important message on psychological and spiritual growth of our time.

Perhaps his most important message is that psyche is really real. In fact, psyche is the only real thing in this world; everything else is an illusion. In this idea Jung began the marriage between the eastern and western philosophy of psyche.

These Jungian analysts have a urgent message about saving the planet from ultimate catastrophe. Confront your shadow, reconcile the opposites within, and wrestle like Jacob with god itself. (This is what Jung called the individuation journey.) And then, and only then, do we have a chance to skirt by the looming world wars threatening all life on this planet.

How Deep Do Dreams Go?

Here is a talk I gave on March 15, 2014 to the All Reality group in Santa Monica.
I speak about the split between ego and soul, how this shows up in dreams, and then move into the inner world by talking about lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Hypnosis with Tina Saelee


Hypnosis is so misunderstood; and quite frankly misused. Freud, the father of depth psychology, experimented with hypnotherapy. Freud was forced to abandon this practice because of the negative press about Jewish doctors in his day. Damn those Nazis!

Jung developed a self-hypnotic practice called active imagination. Jung used this practice to dream the dream forward and expand one’s imaginal capabilities.

As I branch out of my doctoral studies in depth psychology I find myself venturing deeper and deeper into the inner realms of consciousness (in depth psychology we call this “the unconscious” only because it is unknown to consciousness at this time). I am finding that there is no limit to the inner world, except the limits we create with our egos, our complexes, and our attachments.

Today traditional hypnosis is used to cure behavioral habits like smoking. The hypnosis Tina Saelee does is different. She does Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy which takes you into your inner world to experience your past lives, your future lives and meet your higher self.

If you are interested in having a soul journey with Tina she is offering my clients a discount of $185 per session or $325 for a series of three sessions.

Tina’s address is: 16146 Blackwood street, La Puente, CA 91744

call her at 818-667-1637 or

email her at astroandtarot@gmail.com


Dr Bren

The Work: Seeing your Egoic Trances


DR BREN’s Life Coaching for the Soul, in essence, is about seeing and transcending your egoic trances (or what Jung called “complexes) such that your soul can live.

We naturally have two selves: ego , which is the center of our physical being and the psychological construct associated with the brain, and soul, which is the center of our spiritual or eternal being.

Ultimately, life on this planet is about coming to know your soul, your eternal being. If you don’t achieve this egoic transcendence, then you will be stuck in the physical plane of reincarnation until you do, destined to the historical cycles we have created on earth.

So, what is an egoic trance?

Perhaps it is best to speak about what Jung described as a psychological complex, since the egoic trance is the “response” to a trigger or stimulus. (Click on the image below to see the diagram describing Jung’s idea of the psychological complex.)


Ego is essentially composed of psychological complexes. These complexes are, most often, formed in childhood as a defensive response to a situation or environment overwhelming and dangerous to the child.

In fact, the purpose of ego is to keep the physical being alive. These complexes are only symptomatic if they lead to destructive results, or, according to DR BREN”s Life Coaching for the Soul, if they lead to deprivation of the soul.

A psychological complex is triggered by a stimulus resulting in an intense emotional response / reaction, and a shrinking of focus and attention.

For instance, you see a Red Saab and it reminds you of your ex-boyfriend’s car which then causes you to cry because you miss him. This complex can swallow up all of your “present-moment awareness,” such that you become lost in your thoughts and emotions around this relationship, only to wake up minutes or hours later to realize you have driven all this way without knowing how you got there. (I’m very grateful we have an subconscious good-driving complex that operates the vehicle.)

Some Jungians say that we are always in a complex. I don’t agree; there are times when we are in soul (profound experiences of spirit, nature, art, etc.) which is definitely not a complex. If we are not in soul, then, yes, we are in a complex. Keep in mind complexes, in and of themselves, are not good or bad, they are simply basic structures of the ego.

Having said all that the trance is essentially the response to the trigger. In our example, it is when she got lost in her thoughts and feelings about her ex-boyfriend.

Most often, when you are in a trance you are unconscious and not present with the moment or the people around you.

In most cases, we do not have control of the stimulus, but we do have control over the trance (response) that corresponds to the trigger (stimulus).

How do you come to know your trances?

For the most part, you can only come to know your trances after you have come out of one, and in reflection you realize you lost touch with your body and the present moment. It is at this moment “the work” begins. In your conscious reflection try to record in your journal the triggers and mental and emotional associations that made up your trance. The one who can reflect on egoic trances is your true self, your soul. In particular, notice when and what you ruminated over, when it was in the past or future, and whether it was negative or positive.

It matters less for you to know the origin of your trances, as it does to understand the process. Understanding the process of your trance allows you to choose a different and conscious response.

Note: For more information about trances, see Stephen Wolinsky’s Trances People Live.

Spiritually Transmitted Diseases

Psychedelic Eye
I started reading Eyes Wide Open: Cultivating Discernment on the Spiritual Path by Mariana Caplan and I just had to share a synopsis of the second chapter called “Spiritually Transmitted Diseases.”

She compares concepts, perceptions and egoic confusion to bodily fluids as the infecting agent to the immune system. I often compare dreams to the white blood cells of the immune system. Both are meant to bring us back into harmony and wholeness.

Because spiritual diseases are diseases of ego, and therefore subtle, they can go undetected for years in ourselves and in our communities. That which is invisible is by its nature hard to detect, and nothing is as invisible as the human ego, where spiritually transmitted diseases reside. (Kindle Location 596-598)

She identifies three primary mediums of transmission:

  1. through cultural influences
  2. from the teacher to the student
  3. from within one’s ego structure.

Cultural diseases of the spirit are so subtle and pervasive that often we don’t even know we have been infected by them until we find ourselves spiritually ill from their influence. An example is the way that Judeo-Christian beliefs have permeated the Western psyche. The fundamentally sinful nature of mankind, its polarization of flesh and spirit, and its negation of women and dismissal of feminine wisdom have insinuated themselves into the collective Western psyche so effectively that even our most radical spiritual movements contain subtle Judeo-Christian underpinnings. (Kindle Locations 615-624).

About the infection from teacher to student she writes,

Many spiritual teachers, even if not outright corrupt, are immature in their knowledge and unintegrated in their psychological development—and they are teaching at a level beyond their understanding. (Kindle Locations 627-628)

She identifies ten spiritually transmitted diseases.

1) Fast-Food Spirituality

The need for instant gratification does not translate to spiritual enlightenment. You have to do the work, and you can’t fake it cause if you do you are only fooling yourself. While Christianity professes two paths to heaven: by faith and by work, in spirituality there is only work. There is, however, two paths via work, by head or by heart.

2) Faux Spirituality

Faux spirituality is the tendency to talk, dress, and act as we imagine a spiritual person would. It is a kind of imitation spirituality that mimics spiritual realization in the way that leopard-skin fabric imitates the genuine skin of a leopard. This disease is most likely to be found in new age culture…. They attend spiritual events and assume they have accessed the perennial wisdom taught by mystics throughout all time—without being willing to do the actual work required to initiate a profound and authentic process of internal transformation. (Kindle Location 650-657)

3) Confused Motivations

The question to ponder here is … what is the motivation behind your spiritual quest? Is it to be loved, to belong, to fill an emptiness, to end suffering, or the wish to be special?

4) Identifying with Spiritual Experiences

This is a disease of ego inflation. There is a world of difference between having a mystical experience and integrating that experience into the structure of your psyche. While we may be able to reach the nondual state in our meditation, this does not translate into everyday functioning in the Western world. “For most of us, mystical experiences fade in spite of every effort to cling to and sustain them. Combine this with the humbling realities of the body, disease, and human relationships, and eventually we discover that mystical experiences are, in essence, simply experiences” (Kindle Locations 674-676).

5) The Spiritualized Ego

This is an extension of Faux Spirituality into a complete identification with spiritual concepts and ideas, the example being “Zen boyfriends” and “Zen girlfriends.” These people have fallen into a rigid belief system not unlike the dogma of Christianity. In all cases, the opening to the mystery of life is shut down.

6) Mass Production of Spiritual Teacher

Both the western and eastern worlds are overpopulated with mediocre teachers who instruct sincere spiritual aspirants at a less than optimal level. This disease functions like a spiritual conveyor belt: put on this glow, get that insight, and—bam!—you’re enlightened and ready to enlighten others in similar fashion. (Kindle Locations 683-685)

7) Spiritual Pride

This describes the teacher or practitioner who believes they have reached the end of the spiritual path. A feeling of “spiritual superiority” is another symptom of this disease. “Prideful spiritual practitioners must find the courage and integrity to expose themselves to individuals who can and will push and test them” (Kindle Locations 692-693).

8) Group Mind

Also described as groupthink, cultic mentality, or ashram disease, group mind is an insidious virus that contains many elements of traditional codependence. A spiritual group makes subtle and unconscious agreements regarding the correct ways to think, talk, dress, and act. (Kindle Locations 700-701)

In the 21st century we are called to find our individual path to spirit. We are called to come out of the group think of religions and engage with spirit individually and regularly. If it looks and feels like a cult, e.g. Christianity, then it probably is faux spirituality.

9) The Chosen-People Complex

Related to the disease of group mind but with an added aspect of spiritual pride, the chosen people complex is pervasive among spiritual groups. It is the belief that “our group is more spiritually evolved, powerful, enlightened, and simply put, better than any other group.” (Kindle Locations 714-716).

This problem pervades the desert religions such that the very existence of human beings on earth is threatened. It is a sad state of affairs scapegoating others with the shadow of your god.

10) Survival of Ego Based on the Illusion of Separation

One of the most subtle and pervasive spiritually transmitted diseases—one that affects the vast majority of the world population of spiritual aspirants—is the belief that spirituality is about me: I am studying, doing practices, service, and whatever other efforts I might make so that I can feel better, be happier, or become a better person. (Kindle Locations 725-728).

Finally, The Deadly Virus: “I Have Arrived!”

Our spiritual progress ends at the point where this belief becomes crystallized in our psyche; for the moment we begin to believe that we have reached the end of the path, further growth ceases—and if we are not going forward, we are going backward. (Kindle Locations 739-740)

A PATH WITH HEART: Stopping the War

In this chapter (chapter two) Kornfield likens the war in our head between all the ego voices to the wars in the world. He suggests the way to have peace in the world is to stop the war inside. He suggests that adapting to our society leads one into denial and addiction saying

We use addictions to support out denials.

To wake up to these voices can be overwhelming and depressing, but if you persist you will eventually find peace inside. The most important thing to remember when you begin to pay attention to the voices inside is to simply notice without judging. It’s important to NOTstart a war with these voices for that only exacerbates the war.

In Jungian terms the process of paying attention and accepting “what is” is called taking back one’s shadow because what gets denied gets repressed into our unconscious. It distorts reality. So to take back one’s shadow is to see wholly.

Another important point in this process of “stopping the war” is to NOT identify with the voices. You are the observer of the voices; that is your true self. The voices have created the false self or what Jung called the persona.

Here is the audio portion for chapter two.


In the next several blog posts I am adding an audio note. My intention is to take you through a book I consider to be fundamental to spiritual development. Each blog post will cover one chapter in the journey. I encourage you to read or re-read my blog post called Reading with Soul in Mind before getting started with this series of blog lessons.

The first book in this series of In Depth with DR BREN: Lessons from her Soul Journey is Jack Kornfield’s A Path with Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life. I chose this book because it teaches the fundamentals of getting to know oneself, both ego and soul.

This first audio blog post is on Chapter One: Did I Love Well?

Waking up to Love

From a spiritual perspective the entire point of life on this planet is to further our spiritual development by coming to know that all is love. Now, if you read the newspaper or turn on the news channel it is easy to see that the idea of love is not represented. In fact, one could easily say that humanity is expressing the exact opposite of love with its obsession with war, technology, and capital.

Over the last two or three thousand years humanity has lost its way by becoming enthralled with the “ten thousand things,” what the Buddhist call the physical world, forgetting along the way that our true nature is eternal, that we are a soul having an earthly experience.

From a psychological perspective to become enthralled with the physical world means we believe ourselves to be a perishable ego — the identity vehicle of our physical being (body). Most have lost contact with their eternal identity vehicle, the soul.

When we survey the world in the 21st century, we see humanity is now faced with its physical limitations. Population growth is out of control and natural resources are reaching their peaks soon to be falling fast into extinction.

Over the last hundred years the guardians of our commons (the government) has transferred power and control of our natural resources to the monied elite. Not only in North America, but through extortion these entities have taken hold of most of the natural resources in South America. These people are godless believing the end game is about the physical world. Unfortunately, they have many of us engaged in their worldview where they always win.

I believe we are facing these physical limitations so that humanity wakes up to its true nature. Are we just reptiles with big brains? Or are we something more beautiful and brilliant capable of feats beyond these physical limitations?

Waking up to the possibility that we may be more than just physical entities, we may be more than just an ego, is not easy in a world obsessed with the physical. However, it is possible. For me it began the day I decided to take my nighttime dreams seriously. What were these peculiar images and symbols from my unconscious saying about me and my life? Who was this internal entity caring for my well-being? That’s when I began to wake to love.

When will you begin to wake up to love?

I leave you with this beautiful song about Wakin’ up to Love by Shanna Crooks.