Hypnosis with Tina Saelee

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buy monero online australia Hypnosis is so misunderstood; and quite frankly misused. Freud, the father of depth psychology, experimented with hypnotherapy. Freud was forced to abandon this practice because of the negative press about Jewish doctors in his day. Damn those Nazis!

Jung developed a self-hypnotic practice called active imagination. Jung used this practice to dream the dream forward and expand one’s imaginal capabilities.

As I branch out of my doctoral studies in depth psychology I find myself venturing deeper and deeper into the inner realms of consciousness (in depth psychology we call this “the unconscious” only because it is unknown to consciousness at this time). I am finding that there is no limit to the inner world, except the limits we create with our egos, our complexes, and our attachments.

Today traditional hypnosis is used to cure behavioral habits like smoking. The hypnosis Tina Saelee does is different. She does Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy which takes you into your inner world to experience your past lives, your future lives and meet your higher self.

If you are interested in having a soul journey with Tina she is offering my clients a discount of $185 per session or $325 for a series of three sessions.

Tina’s address is: 16146 Blackwood street, La Puente, CA 91744

call her at 818-667-1637 or

email her at astroandtarot@gmail.com


Dr Bren

The Healing Elixir of the Imaginal Realm


Dreams give us the puzzle pieces of our lives. It is our job to figure out how to put them together to make meaning in our lives.

Well that is how I ended up on the couch in the home of a very gifted Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist (QHHT) trained by Dolores Cannon named Tina Saelee. This 3-hour experience was like dreaming on steroids. However, no drugs were involved. This experience was life altering for me. It brought the imaginal realm (see post about accessing the imaginal realm), that I had only read about in Jung’s work, particularly his binance coin reward decrease Red Book, to life for me.

It was a dream about a two critical figures manifesting in our collective psyche that lead me back to Dolores Cannon’s work. In the Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy session with Tina I met these two characters — the Trickster and the Star Woman — again. (I will write more about these characters in another blog post.)

I wrote about about the Tower and the Star cards in the Thoth Tarot deck when I knew deep in my bones that this message must get out. I also knew that more people must experience for themselves the healing elixir of the imaginal realm.

The Age of Aquarius which is represented by the Star card in the Tarot deck is here, now. The Tower structures of society are failing and we have a choice, will we choose to stay tuned into the dying tower world, or will we choose to tune into the Aquarian world? It is a choice, you must make now! And this choice requires attunement to the imaginal realm.

Jungian analysis and Jungian life coaching (which is what I do) relies heavily on the imaginal realm, also know as the dream world, to heal the ego of its neurotic defenses and to connect one to their soul. The world around us is bereft of intimate and soulful connections, especially to our higher self.

Jung said the face you turn to the unconscious (imaginal realm) is the face it turns to you. In other words, when you experience how really real it is then it becomes your best friend and guide. Now more than ever, to get through the chaos of the world around us, we must turn inward to our spiritual guides.

Every client and friend who has experienced the Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy this month has been blown away by the imaginal realm. Tina Saelee is offering a discounted rate to all my clients.

At the end of June I am offering a workshop (donations only) to help everyone process their Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy session. I will help people understand the archetypes activated in their psyches, understand their karmic blocks, and demonstrate how to keep the channel open to their higher self.

Turn off the TV, tune out the news, and tune into your higher self. This adventure is way better than anything Hollywood or mass media will feed you.