Polarity Processing

Uroborus = Psychological Wholeness

My favorite book on processing our “stories,” especially the ones that keep us stuck in negativities, is “The Marriage of Spirit: Enlightened Living in Today’s World” by Leslie Temple-Thurston.

In uomo cerca donna Cava de Tirreni the first part of the book she teaches us the cosmic laws of living in a dualistic world. In uomo cerca donna Arezzo the second part she walks you through three very powerful processing techniques meant to help dislodge the grip our shadows have on us. The first processing technique — uomo cerca donna Matera polarity processing — I will outline here.

There are 7 steps to the Polarity Processing Technique.

  1. Pick an experience.
  2. Write a description of the experience.
  3. Pick out the theme words and phrases.
  4. Make a list of the theme words and phrases.
  5. Find the opposites.
  6. Offer it up with a prayer.
  7. Wait for grace.

Start by writing out in detail a story that has gripped you. Write out all the details, the feelings and thoughts related to this story. Just let it flow until you have extinguished your view from every angle on this story.

Next go through with a highlighter and highlight all the theme words and phrases that trigger you.

On a separate sheet of paper draw a line down the center. On the left side write out all the theme words. This may take several sheets of paper.

Next on the left side of each word write down the opposite word or phrase.  For instance, if you wrote uomo cerca donna Rimini hate on the left side, write down donna cerca uomo Pesaro love on the right side of the paper. If the opposites don’t immediately come to you, use a thesaurus.

The opposite words are the ones you are repressing out of your whole experience of life. They are in your shadow. This process is about transcending duality and embracing both sides as your true and whole experience.

Now offer a prayer of gratitude to god, spirit, angels or whatever you refer to as your higher self. And humbly wait for grace to help heal these imbalances within you.

How Deep Do Dreams Go?

Here is a talk I gave on March 15, 2014 to the All Reality group in Santa Monica.
I speak about the split between ego and soul, how this shows up in dreams, and then move into the inner world by talking about lucid dreaming and astral projection.

The Work: Seeing your Egoic Trances


DR BREN’s Life Coaching for the Soul, in essence, is about seeing and transcending your egoic trances (or what Jung called “complexes) such that your soul can live.

We naturally have two selves: ego , which is the center of our physical being and the psychological construct associated with the brain, and soul, which is the center of our spiritual or eternal being.

Ultimately, life on this planet is about coming to know your soul, your eternal being. If you don’t achieve this egoic transcendence, then you will be stuck in the physical plane of reincarnation until you do, destined to the historical cycles we have created on earth.

So, what is an egoic trance?

Perhaps it is best to speak about what Jung described as a psychological complex, since the egoic trance is the “response” to a trigger or stimulus. (Click on the image below to see the diagram describing Jung’s idea of the psychological complex.)


Ego is essentially composed of psychological complexes. These complexes are, most often, formed in childhood as a defensive response to a situation or environment overwhelming and dangerous to the child.

In fact, the purpose of ego is to keep the physical being alive. These complexes are only symptomatic if they lead to destructive results, or, according to DR BREN”s Life Coaching for the Soul, if they lead to deprivation of the soul.

A psychological complex is triggered by a stimulus resulting in an intense emotional response / reaction, and a shrinking of focus and attention.

For instance, you see a Red Saab and it reminds you of your ex-boyfriend’s car which then causes you to cry because you miss him. This complex can swallow up all of your “present-moment awareness,” such that you become lost in your thoughts and emotions around this relationship, only to wake up minutes or hours later to realize you have driven all this way without knowing how you got there. (I’m very grateful we have an subconscious good-driving complex that operates the vehicle.)

Some Jungians say that we are always in a complex. I don’t agree; there are times when we are in soul (profound experiences of spirit, nature, art, etc.) which is definitely not a complex. If we are not in soul, then, yes, we are in a complex. Keep in mind complexes, in and of themselves, are not good or bad, they are simply basic structures of the ego.

Having said all that the trance is essentially the response to the trigger. In our example, it is when she got lost in her thoughts and feelings about her ex-boyfriend.

Most often, when you are in a trance you are unconscious and not present with the moment or the people around you.

In most cases, we do not have control of the stimulus, but we do have control over the trance (response) that corresponds to the trigger (stimulus).

How do you come to know your trances?

For the most part, you can only come to know your trances after you have come out of one, and in reflection you realize you lost touch with your body and the present moment. It is at this moment “the work” begins. In your conscious reflection try to record in your journal the triggers and mental and emotional associations that made up your trance. The one who can reflect on egoic trances is your true self, your soul. In particular, notice when and what you ruminated over, when it was in the past or future, and whether it was negative or positive.

It matters less for you to know the origin of your trances, as it does to understand the process. Understanding the process of your trance allows you to choose a different and conscious response.

Note: For more information about trances, see Stephen Wolinsky’s Trances People Live.

From the Tower to the Star


The collapse of the twin towers sent a wake up call to my soul. From that moment on I have been faithfully following my soul’s path, not my ego’s wishes.

I’m sure it’s not news to say — We’ve come to the end of the road and find ourselves in Rome, the alpha and the omega of our monotheistic times.

We have played the story all the way to the end and find every aspect of our collective lives near death, i.e., atmosphere, Bible, banking, culture, democracy, diplomacy, energy, economy, ecology, earth, evolution, finances, government, humanity, healthcare, insurance, justice, Koran, life, meaning, medicine, money, Newtonian physics, which is the basis of most of our planetary systems, news, oceans, patriarchy, psychology, quetzalcoatl, regulations, religions, science, society, soul, space, sports, time, universe, vision, weath, xanadu, Yom Kippur, zeitgeist.

One could crumble under these facts, or continue in a collective, pathological, and psychological defense of denial to save ego from the truth of soul’s existence. Why not? Denial and other distortions of reality have gotten us this far. I believe it is time to resuscitate life on earth and reconnect with our soul and the soul of the world, what Jung called the Anima Mundi.

I also believe there is a map to the chaos we find ourselves in.

To understand what’s next for our planet, I turn to the 17th card in the Tarot Deck — The Star (Ray of Hope) which represents the dawning of the age of Aquarius, and follows the Tower card.

Many have said we are moving to a more feminine way of life. This return spirals up from feminine unconsciousness to feminine consciousness.

The Star is a nature priestess who connects heaven and earth following the alchemical text the Emerald Tablet’s doctrine of correspondence, i.e., as above, so below. This is similar to the restart button in Revelation where chapter twenty-one speaks of a new heaven and a new earth.

The Star Woman reveals herself in her nakedness, without a mask, without clothing. She helps unite our outer world with our inner world. Her arrival suggests the end of Patriarchy on this planet, and the beginning of our connection with the dimensional universe, from the narcissistic I to the empathetic we, from logos to eros, from the physical to the subtle, and so on.

The answers to our earthly foibles lie in the subtle realm, not the physical realm. The patriarchal ego must die, giving rise to our eternal soul.


I started writing this post yesterday, last night I dreamed I was anointed a priestess before I sang in a contest to complete my doctoral work. Interestingly, I am an ordained minister but I have, heretofore, not embarked on my ministerial work. I have had several dreams this month (April 2013) suggesting it is time for me to speak up. In every dream I have fallen in the face of my collective task because I was isolated and alone. The transition I am facing requires isolation in the alchemical vessel. This process will give rise to a new aquarian self.

To become the Star Woman is my new task. Wish me luck!

As I wrote these last lines, Jung’s scarab appeared in my window. OMG!
A few days later, I went to past-life hypnotherapist and learned my relationship to the Star Woman. I am to scribe the universal laws for the new earth coming in now as the aquarian age, however, I must get over my Cassandra Complex. More to Come!!!

A PATH WITH HEART: Difficult Problems and Insistent Visitors

As you continue your soul work you will eventually discover the repeated patterns of thought, feelings and sensations what Jack Kornfield called the “Insistent Visitors.” In this video/audio blog post I take you through four basic principles for dealing with these difficult and repeating problems.

The four principles are: Expand the Field of Awareness, Come to a Full Awareness of the Feelings, Discover what is Asking for Acceptance, and Open through the Center.

Eastern Spirituality and Western Egos

I’ve been asked many times about the differences between what Carl Jung taught and the lessons in Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge. So I thought I would get out a quick blog post explaining the differences as I see it.

Perhaps the most important difference concerns the development of ego in the west as rugged individual versus in the east as one part of a greater whole, be it family, society, or universe.

This difference is why Jung said almost a century ago that westerners cannot slap eastern spirituality on top of a western ego and expect enlightenment.

I make a strong distinction in my teachings about the ego and the soul as two distinct and different entities in the psyche. (See previous blog post about Ego and Soul.)

In the east transcending the ego is part and parcel of their cultural development; in the west we are our egos. Therefore, it makes sense to heal the ego and bring it into relationship with our souls; this is the path of Jungian individuation. As earthlings we need both, ego which is responsible for our physical being and soul which is responsible for our spiritual being.

In Jungian circles we call this dialectic relationship the ego-soul axis. Everything Chopra is talking about refers to the soul part of this equation.

As I’m sure you have experienced in your meditation ego is bouncing around all over the place with plans for the future, or ruminating on past events. Your experience of the eternal soul and its connection to Source occurs in those fleeting spaces between ego’s obsessions.

Meditation is a practice to increase the spaces in your psyche where soul can enter your life.

There is one last distinction between Jungian thought and Chopra’s teachings related to Source. In Jungian Psychology the Self or Source has intentions for our soul on earth which becomes our purpose in life to fulfill. Chopra’s teachings has ego intentions asking Source for fulfillment. I believe the truth lies between these two extremes. We have a distinct purpose to fulfill on earth, and if our intentions align with this purpose then Source will fulfill wishes.

Inquiry Practice

Inquiry is a powerful soul practice, a path to self-realization or what Jung called individuation. While, ego wants the answers now, and well, most of the time it thinks it has all the answers, soul is activated in the inquiry practice. Soul lives questions, where ego lives answers. (From a quantum physics perspective, think of ego as a particle and soul as a wave.) In fact, we need ego to live answers, for it focuses mostly on our physical survival and operates reflexively, most of the time. However, ego’s life is lived mostly unconsciously, responding to stimulus faster than the speed of light.

Consciousness is a soulful affair. Until we have chosen each and every one of our responses to stimulus we are living a mostly unconscious life, from an ego that was developed in childhood. What was feared in childhood is not as scary as an adult, but until we have the capacity to stop our reflexive responses we have not truly grown up.

An inquiry practice begins with true curiosity into the functioning of ego. The key components of an inquiry practice are: experience, observation and distinctions.

Experience is composed of three parts: the event, your perception, and your judgment. For example, your boyfriend comes home and slams the front door. You believe he is angry and think it is about this morning’s argument. The event is your boyfriend coming home from work. You perceive that he is angry because the door slammed and you judge that it is about this morning’s argument. If you don’t separate your experience into these components, then you are apt to react as if the morning’s argument is still going on and fore go a new experience with your boyfriend.

Observation is composed of two parts: the observer and the observed. The work of consciousness is to continually improve the observers skills to see what is there in great depth, tone and color. However, observation is only one of our six perceptual organs. By far it is the most used. We see, we hear, we smell, we feel, and less so taste the world. And for some we intuit the world. It is important to make distinctions between these six perceptual ways of becoming aware of the observed.

And finally, distinctions give depth and breadth to what is observed. This is where knowledge comes in. The more you know about your psyche and the world, the better you are at sensing and judging what you are experiencing and choosing the appropriate response in the moment, not from your canned patterns of responses.

The mystery of life reveals itself when you stay in the inquiry as long as you can without foreclosing with answers. Too often we get trapped in the questions starting with why and never venture into asking questions beginning with who, what, where, when, and how. Challenge yourself to learn the distinctions of inquiry practice, and then challenge yourself with asking better questions about your psyche and the world.

The Individuation Journey

The heroine crosses the threshold, leaves the safety of her home, and goes in search of her self. She journeys up hills and down valleys, wades in rivers and streams, crosses dry deserts and dark forests, and enters the labyrinth to find what is at the center of her self. Along the way she meets ogres who trick her into going down dead ends, adversaries who challenge her cunning and resolve, and obstacles which she must avoid, circumstances to overcome. She needs a lamp, a lot of thread, and all of her wits about her to make the journey. – Maureen Murdock in The Heroine’s Journey

Everyone’s soul and journey is unique. DR BREN has developed a unique approach to helping people reconnect with their souls and to dare to live their lives fully and meaningfully.


When soul learns you are interested in the journey of life, she will begin to send dreams and fantasies hoping you will be curious enough to take the step towards learning her language. Soul speaks symbolically and she sends the symbolic clues to healing your split between her and your ego. If you love mysteries you will never be bored with learning the mysteries of your own soul’s life.

DR BREN helps you understand and respond to the symbolic mysteries of your soul.


Most likely you are living your life in the past. Your life has been scripted by what has happened to you thus far. Your ego learned long ago in childhood what was safe and what was unsafe, developing strategies all along the way to avoid danger and maximize safety.

DR BREN helps you to identify the childhood strategies that are not serving you anymore, choosing strategies that are more appropriate for the demands of your adult life.


Jung's Model of Psyche

Growing up in American society many parts of our selves have been denied expression and repressed into the unconscious. In depth psychology we call this the shadow. The shadow needs you as much as much as you need the shadow to live a full and meaningful life.

DR BREN helps you reconnect and integrate the lost parts of yourself.


Anima, the Latin word for our feminine soul, has been pushed into the depths of the unconscious while the masculine spirit (also known as ego) soars to unsustainable heights. Identification with the masculine (spirited ego) and denigration and denial of the feminine (soul) deeply embedded in religious doctrines perpetuates this unnatural split forging a dangerous one-sided obsession with perfectionism, rationality and good as godly and everything else as evil. These out of balance forces (good/evil, spirit/soul, masculine/feminine, rational/irrational etc.) not only threaten our survival but every living species on this Earth.

DR BREN helps you to excavate and integrate the feminine and masculine energies into a fully integrated being.

A PATH WITH HEART: Turning Straw into Gold

When facing difficulties our automatic response (our egoic response) is get rid of the difficulty. Ego uses defense mechanisms like repression, denial, intellectualizing, reaction formation, projection, acting out, sublimation etc, to distort reality. In contrast, Buddhist and Jungian thought teaches us to turn these difficulties into alchemical gold. They teach us that our wounds that ego is protecting with these defenses are the very pathways to our soul and our highest potential.

Here is the latest audio blog post:

A PATH WITH HEART: Necessary Healing

In this audio/video I take you through chapter four of A PATH WITH HEART: Necessary Healing by pointing out the four fundamentals of mindfulness: healing the body, healing the heart, healing the mind, and healing through emptiness. I pull from Ken McLeod, Rollo May, and Christine Caldwell to deepen the material.

I took longer than usual to complete this audio blog post because I wanted to make strong distinctions in regards to body, heart or emotions and mind. The very essence of psychological work is in this chapter. An entire book could be written (probably has but I have not read it yet) on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. They are: “awareness of the body and senses, awareness of heart and feelings, awareness of the mind and thoughts, and awareness of the principles that govern life.” Kornfield continues,

The development of awareness in these four areas is the basis for all of the Buddhist practices of insight and awakening.

And I would add it is the basis of psychological insight and awakening.

Here is the visual/audio portion for Chapter 4, Necessary Healing. I had to break it into two parts.