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A Fierce Partner, who Coaches you through your Crisis towards your Personal Best

uomo cerca donna Cerignola Dr. Bren is the best therapist I've ever worked with in ten years. I keep going back because I see results. I found her when I was going through the darkest period of my life. It's just shy of a year, and I've already started turning my life around. I can tangibly feel and see the positive change she has impacted in my life. Of course it takes two, but Dr. Bren is a fierce partner in helping these changes come into your life. Not only does she bring practicality and logic to a situation, she also pays attention to intuition, synchronicity and patterns. She can look at my astrological chart, interpret my dreams and still bring sense and reasoning to whatever I'm going through. She is a patient listener and is not afraid to tell me the truth. Her Buddhist approach helps re-instill my faith in a greater power and gives me tools to better my life daily. She is constantly conducting research to understand more in her field and to relate to all generations, which is great because I'm a millennial. These are all the qualities I look for in a great therapist. Thank you Dr. Bren!

donna cerca uomo Lazio By Meghan C. on 12/16/16 (actress and reiki healer)

Life Saver in time of Crisis

I began to work with Dr Bren from a place of deep crisis. The first thing she did was to make me feel at ease. She then proceeded to guide me through the crisis having my back when needed while respectfully keeping her distance. I soon felt my confidence coming back, re-focused and back on track. I loved that the dream work was an important part of the process. Her observations were astute and grounded in the here and now. I hold her in high regard and appreciation.

By Maurice K. on 03/07/2016 (small biz owner)

Top Notch Guide

Dr. Bren is truly a top notch guide that can help you dive deeper into the territory of your self in a supportive & empowering way. Dr. Bren knows her stuff and relies on an intimate knowledge of Jungian concepts to help you unlock the doors or blocks that have held you back in the world & in your life. As an MFTI myself, I can attest to Dr. Brens razor sharp ability to help you get to the heart of the matter with a gentle, accepting compassion that leaves you feeling fully validated & never judged. If you need a little help from an expert, Dr. Bren will not disappoint.

By Amanda L. on 10/12/15 (MFTi)

Gifted and Compassionate Coach

DR Bren is a gifted and Compassionate Coach. Bren is always fully present and brings 100% of her resources: impressive intellect, training, research and business experience to every session. She accurately assesses and diagnoses situations and delivers feedback with love and empathy. The result is that I always feel like I've been heard by someone who "gets me" and has my best interests in mind.

By Chris A. on 9/18/15 (Executive Coach and HR Professional)

Professional, Calming Experience

I went to Dr. Bren after a car accident left me in a state of uncontrollable anxiety and depression. After 6 short months Dr. Bren coached me through my fears and worries and gave me the tools to combat these things on my own, and I've never felt better about my self-worth. I highly suggest Dr. Bren!!!

Andi P. on 8/18/15 (Producer)

Thoughtful, Soulful Healer

Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living. — Anais Nin Dr. Bren, in my humble opinion, is a contemporary alchemist in that she uses a special mix of Jungian psychology, personal soulful journey anectdotes, meditation, dream analysis and even astropsycholgy to help you understand your own intuition and insights. She helped me to view myself with objectivity and curiosity. The soul is the journey and she will help you immensely on this path. I have also been a part of Dr. Bren’s soul group for several years. She helps us work on our deep beliefs, knowing that beliefs control behavior and shape our world full of possibilities.

By Jana H. on 5/6/15 (Sales Executive for High Tech)

Great Teacher, Caring Leader

I was lucky enough to get to be a part of a very awesome 3-month intensive class with Dr. Bren. I had been searching for such a class for a long time. The class was fun, rewarding, and everything I hoped it would be. It was also very challenging--both technically and conceptually, but overall mind-blowing and even life-changing (in a very positive way). All throughout the course, Dr. Bren was very supportive of us and genuinely wanted us to succeed in learning the material and techniques! I felt that this caring attitude wasn't motivated by job security or student retention (which are not bad things), but--this may sound a little corny--because she genuinely cared about making the world a better place. And best of all, the class worked for me, I was able to learn the material and apply it in my life!

By Peter K. on 5/6/15 (Tech Guy)

Powerful Connection

Dr. Bren helped me find my strength and my courage during a very rough time in my life. Her caring connection allowed me to discover and relate to parts of myself that needed healing. She is a gifted and generous healer. Her energy is grounded yet bright, hopeful and curious.

By Margaret M. on 5/3/15 (Account Management and Doctoral Student)

Amazing Soul, Amazing Therapist

Dr. Bren is one of the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I originally started seeing her for individual counseling during a rough patch in my marriage and she listened compassionately, asked very thought provoking questions and gave me suggestions for how to view my decisions in different lights. She is remarkably easy to talk to and remembers even tiny details from our conversations months ago. After the initial counseling, we starting doing some real soul searching and, I tell everyone this, I learned more in the year that I spent seeing her that I have in the other 30+ years of my life. She completely changed my world view and that was not something I expected but am eternally grateful for. She opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at life and is constantly introducing me to new ideas, books, speakers, etc. I feel incredibly lucky that she came into my life just when I needed her and I hope to continue working with her as a soul/life coach going forward. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

By B.B. on 5/1/15 (Senior Project Manager)

A Life Saver

As a foreigner from another country in a new school, my first few months here in LA where very tough and traumatic for me. Dr Bren was my life saver and provided unconditional support from the moment GO. She deeply cares, is intuitively accurate and has this penetrating wisdom that has allowed me to understand myself better and get to the root of my fears. Working with her really allowed me to let go and focus on what is most important for my life.

By Marcelle S. on 4/21/15 (Director)

Real, Positive, Transforming Personal Growth

Dr. Bren is such an important part of our success, both as a couple, and as individuals. We started seeing Dr. Bren in 2009 to process and prepare for major life transitions. With her strength based, compassionate and authentic way of connecting with us as individuals- we developed tools to navigate big issues like depression, addiction, family rifts and a cross country relocation. We honestly believe that if we didn't find Dr. Bren when we did, we sadly would have not made it out of the shroud of pain and confusion. Years later in 2014, we found ourselves yearning for tools to access our full potential together, now married and with a growing family. We reached out to Dr. Bren for weekly SKYPE sessions, who now helps us to grow and solidify healthy communication techniques, chipping away at habitual egoic ways. We also meet with her as individuals to help us discover our potential with real, measurable and inspiring goals. Dr. Bren is meant to be doing this work. She is honest, open and creates a very safe space for this work to happen. We are beyond grateful to have found her and what she has done for us- and cannot recommend her services enough!

By Amanda S. 4/21/15 (Educator)

The Rosetta stone of Emotional Listening

I have been to see Dr. Hudson for 3 issues that were actually one. 1. My husband and adult children had gone on a Mediterranean Cruise to scatter my mother-in-laws ashes. A situation occured on board where I felt as if my presence did not matter. It was a silly thing about dinner in the main dining room and eating at the specialty restaurants, but there was a principal involved.I felt as if I was invisible, my opinion did not matter, a feeling that I had never felt in the previous 25 years of our marriage. Within 10 minutes of talking with her I realized that the issue was not that I wasn't valued, but that I had missed my husband's stoic grief over the passing of his mother. thank you 2. My son and I had gone on a trip and I was concerned by the way he kept hearing my words, from a very judgmental space. I did not know how to connect with him. We sat and talked to Dr. Bren and again she quickly saw where our disconnect was. She described how we were different types of communicators, and are hearing things through our filters. I needed to adjust my words and ears to be heard correctly and in return, hear him at his literal best. We are doing well 3. Last but most surprizingly good was with my mother. I was sure Dr. Hudson would eviscerate her, defend the many hurts she had heard me describe... when I finally got my mom into her office, Dr. Bren asked my mother what she hoped to achieve. Forgiveness she said and I pounced, Yeah I sneered forgiveness for what? with the list in my head.... Bren asked me to sit back quietly and let her lead the discussion. At the end, she explained how it was my filter hearing words that had not been said. Validated why my filter was in place and showed me my options to work around it. An AWESOME LISTENER & ADVISOR

By Cheryl H. on 4/20/15 (Producer and Director)

Positive, Loving Experience

Dr. Bren has a very passionate, loving approach as she helps you to see your strengths and weaknesses in life and supports you to create a healthy, honest, and rewarding path towards attaining your goals. She pulled my astrological chart and explained my energetic influences as we created a plan of action to help me become more balanced and aligned. Very sweet, honest, and professional woman. Lover her and would recommend everyone to her!!!

By Sandra H. on 4/20/15 (Actress)

Caring and Deeply Insightful

She has helped my wife and I really deepen our level of communication. We love our time with her. It has been really really productive.

By Tim M. on 4/20/15 (Writer and Actor)

Great Therapist

Dr. Hudson (Dr. Bren) is compassionate by not sycophantic, insightful, original, and able to help the patient/client get to the heart of what is holding them back. I have seen many therapists over many years but always felt something was missing from the equation. Dr. Bren has an honesty and clarity that is refreshing and never overbearing.

By David B. on 4/13/15 (Surgeon)

Always There for You

Dr. Bren is a great therapist. She has an exceptional understanding of people, listens carefully and provides excellent insight when needed. I have always felt she is my advocate and on my team. Thanks

By David F. on 4/12/15 (Investment Fund Manager)

Best in the West!! Grateful Guidance!!

Dr. Bren has been an amazing companion on my spiritual life's journey. She has been instrumental in helping me discover new levels of strength and joy in my life. I am grateful for my time with Dr. Bren and look forward to our next meeting in LA.

By Marcello B. on 4/11/15 (International Travel)

Simply No Comparison

DR BREN has been an amazing person in my life and I am so much better off today mentally than I was six months ago, there is simply no comparison.

By Steve R. on 8/28/09 (Executive VP)