The Way of Individuation

You were born with a unique constellation of archetypes; this is what I call your soul. Your soul, created at birth by the harmonic patterns vibrating through the universe (involution), has a unique purpose in the evolution of consciousness. However, the development of your ego has clouded your relationship with soul and its purpose.

The origin and growth of your ego is created out of an imprint of your parental ego(s) in relationship to your environment. Like cell division around the age of 3 or so, your ego separated from your soul and began to run your life by tossing things that threatened its survival in your environment into your shadow. I call this the Mythic Journey because your ego develops along ancient mythic patterns.

When your life direction breaks down, often in a crisis, and you find yourself at a crossroads; your soul may be knocking at the door wanting to get back into your life. I call this the Soul Journey.


Involution is the process of creating unique souls out of the spiritual realm of archetypes. Once embodied and living in our world, the soul goes through three archetypal journeys on its way back to Spirit.

The first journey, uomo cerca trans Torino the Mythic Journey, represents childhood through youth. This is when your ego is developed, identify formed and, unfortunately, where most of your neurotic symptoms began.

The next journey, donna cerca uomo Asti the Soul Journey, often begins at midlife. This is when it is time to reconcile your shadow, resurrect your abandoned soul, and move into your spiritual and creative purpose.

The final journey, coppia cerca uomo Taranto the Mystic Journey, has up to now, only been achieved by sages, shamans and saints. However, our planet is in such peril more mystics are needed.

donna cerca uomo Bergamo DR BREN, a Jungian-trained life coach, helps you get back in touch with your soul via dream and imaginal work. She helps you clear the mythic patterns often standing in the way of your creative impulse.

Once you take the Soul Journey, your life will be animated as it follows its creative impulse and unique purpose in the evolution of consciousness.

Will you heed the call from your soul?