The Return to Community

The Hero Returns with his/her Gifts of Self-Mastery

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The hero has died as a modern individual; but as an eternal individual the task is to return to community, transformed, and teach the lessons learned of life renewed. – Joseph Campbell The Hero with a Thousand Faces

coppia cerca uomo Latina The Journey is a turn inward away from the outside world into the depths of your psyche. The outside world is harsh and is constantly forcing you to conform to its rules. The Return is about creating strategies for existing in the world without losing connection with your soul. On The Journey you learned to listen to your soul for purpose and direction in your life now the task is learning to face the inevitable, the paradox of living in accordance with your soul’s desire, as well as living within a community of people with its desires.

The task of The Return is learning to live life paradoxically. donna cerca uomo Viareggio DR BREN helps you learn to live in the paradox of life without fixating back into rigid positions.