To Answer Soul’s Call

Will you take the Challenge of Self-Mastery?

uomo cerca uomo Taranto It cannot be described, quite, as an answer to any specific call. Rather, it is a deliberate, terrific refusal to respond to anything but the deepest, highest, richest answer to the as yet unknown demand of some waiting void within; a kind of total strike, or rejection of the offered terms of life, as a result of which some power of transformation carries the problem to a plane of new magnitude, where it is suddenly and finally received. – Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces

When you get the call from soul you have two choices:


donna cerca uomo Reggio di Calabria To Refuse the Call is to stay caged in boredom, settling for a wasteland of meaninglessness. Although seemingly safe from the unknown, you live out your life in an illusion of control; all the while your unconscious plays self-destructive patterns until death comes. In Jungian language to refuse the call is to be bound in by the cage of childhood defensive patterns, where images of father and mother stand as threshold gargoyles threatening some punishment if you separate and pass through the door on to the soul’s journey.
donna cerca uomo Afragola
To Answer the Call
means to cross the threshold and take The Journey. It means learning to be guided by the self-care system of psyche soul via dreams, visions, artistic expressions and synchronicities to know yourself deeply and intimately.

uomo cerca donna Marano di Napoli DR BREN liberates people from their self-destructive patterns and teaches them to interpret the healing messages from their psyche.

Are you ready to take the inner journey of your life?