How to Become a Divine Feminist


  • Do you feel unseen or unheard in your relationship? 

  • Is your significant other sucking all of the energy out of you?

  • Are you frustrated that he’s not tending to your relationship?

  • Or are you single and wondering why you keep attracting the same person over and over again?

These situations are all too common, especially today when women are setting higher standards for their lives and their relationships. We are making new strides as entrepreneurs, CEOs, family managers, and creators but often catch ourselves looking around, wondering why our partners aren’t showing up for us the way we need them too.

We are struggling to create the whole and fulfilling relationships we dream of and we are hurting as a result.

The only way to heal our wounded hearts and create deeper relationships is to first heal ourselves and learn to become Divine Feminists.


How We’ll Spend the Day / What to Expect

The Call to Become a Divine Feminist

  • Leverage the collective power of a group of women to experience a higher frequency and reconnect with the truth of your divinity

The Dark Bond 

  • Recognize the collective lie of limitation and fear that has created a false sense of self and has repressed and denied the beauty, harmony, and love of the feminine

The Wound

  • Let your voices be heard and learn how to transition from operating from a wounded victim-mode to standing in your divine feminine power

The Redemption

  • Learn how to become whole and learn how to sustain it by redeeming the repressed feminine and integrating the projected masculine to fully embody your divine nature. 

The Path Forward

  • Gain powerful tools and shared connections with others on the journey to help you continue this work after the workshop

Next All-Day Workshop is November 2nd, 2019 in Santa Monica

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video highlight on How to Become a Divine Feminist

Here is a link to a quick video on the topic -- from #MeToo to #MeOne


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